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Workshops for leaders and management teams in equality, diversity and inclusion

 Business As Equals & Urban Björn

I help companies build Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into their leadership - in practice and with a focus on business benefits.

Many companies are now beginning to understand all the benefits of gender equality, diversity and inclusion. However, many fail to implement the change in every individual that leads to an inclusive culture and work environment, where the company can release the full potential.

I mainly conduct workshops in Inclusive Leadership aimed at managers and management teams (about 3 hours) that aim to take the group one step closer to an even smarter, better and inclusive environment and culture. Here the participants get through various interactive exercises, practice avoiding unconscious bias, become a good role model and get tools that enable continued work within their own teams. I offer this IRL and digitally as well as in both swedish and english. I also offer lectures (about 1.5 hours) for staff groups that can be a first activity to create interest, knowledge and insight among the employees.


Workshop for Management Teams and Leaders - "Inclusive Leadership"

Basic knowledge - Awareness and Insight - Action

Train-the-trainer kit to support leaders when implementing D&I in their own teams

Instructtions - Films - PPT

Recruitment training for managers with focus on competence-based and unbiased recruitment

On-boarding (e-learning) - "Inclusive Leadership"

3 modules: each film 15 minutes

D&I-seminars for employee groups (60-90 minutes)

Tailor-made workshops for HR-groups, Communication teams or other networks

1:1 Executive Coaching for leaders wanting to strengthen their inclusion-focused leadership

Development and Implementation of internal leadership programs, with ambitions to increase diversity or other perspectives

The book Business as equals (Liber, 2021) and "The Game"

For now only in swedish

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