The Game

This is the game that sparks dialogue, conversations and discussions about equality, diversity and inclusion at work. You can play it with your team on the coffee break, 1:1 with or against the best colleague, compete in a group against other colleagues or departments and pick up the game for the next After Work. The game consists of 70 cards divided into 5 categories – Good to know, True or false, Best practice, Important to know and What would you do? All cards are available in both English and Swedish text.

For those who have already bought the game. Here are some tips and advice on how to get the best out of the game. There are several different ways to play. 

  1. Teams. Divide into one or more teams. You need one deck of cards per team. You decide how many – and which – cards you will go through before you reassemble (e.g. cards 1-10 or the first two in each category). One person per team is appointed as an "objective" referee/facilitator. The referee draws a question card and the team solves the dilemma together. The referee decides if there will be a point with the guidance of the answer on the back of the card. The most points/correct wins. 
  2. 1:1. Play in pairs against each other. Take turns drawing cards and then discuss each dilemma/question. Why not challenge the boss to a game? 
  3. Double/Mixed. If you are several couples playing at the same time, you can instead play together against other couples. You will then need a deck of cards for each pair. Here you become the judge yourselves, which requires extra honesty and trust. Tips for category Yellow/"What would you have done?". In many cases, there is no "right" answer, but it is up to the judge to decide whether the discussions have been close enough to the proposed solution. 

Good luck and remember! The purpose is discussion and dialogue – winning is just a bonus.