Client referral

Lars Lundin

CEO, Holmen Paper

"Urban, thank you for your commitment and eagerness to share your experiences and very wise insights. That you then wisely challenge us and our biases is world class. It goes without saying that we will work even more strongly in diversity and inclusion as a natural part of our strategy. We see it as an amplifier to achieve our lofty goals. Thank you!"

Susanne Waleij

Head of HR & Communication / Balticgruppen

"A leadership that includes diversity and inclusion as well as going from KNOWING to DOING - that's what makes a difference! Thank you Urban, for your commitment and for giving us the conditions and tools to work on these important issues."

Marie Fall

Head of Diversity & Inclusion / Västtrafik

"We have had the privilege of having Urban as a lecturer on two occasions. It has been much appreciated among our employees to learn about Urban's knowledge and it has inspired us to take new steps in inclusion and diversity"

Kristina Lundin Medved

CEO / PS Partner

"Urban inspires and challenges through its trainings and workshops in diversity and inclusive leadership. With his presence and passionate commitment to making a difference, he touches his audience."

Jonas Hammarberg

Authot and Keynote Speaker

"For those who do not know Urban; take the opportunity and get in the queue early, because it will be long given the weight of the subject and Urban's sought-after competence..."

Liam Minehane

CEO PQMS Training

"Thanks Urban for your fantastic presentation. The event was very thought provoking and it led to very lively and interesting discussions. We are committed to continuing the changing of attitudes and mindsets where required within our organisations. Your work will be continued by all of us."